Students find solo study sessions more productive

Group studying during finals week can be a better way to do work for some classes than others according to students at the University.

“I think large groups depend on the people,” said Myrna Rivas, senior in LAS.

The work ethic of the people in the study group plays a key role in deciding whether or not to work with a group before final exams.

Subjects in the mathematics and science departments are typical group study classes.

Rivas said she studies in groups of 4 or 5 people for organic chemistry and they have to be “hard working people.”

“I usually go to the library with my roommate,” Rivas said.

Students also prefer to do group studying with people taking the same exams.

“I try to meet up with other people in the same classes so we can study together,” said Victor Salob, junior in Engineering.

However some students said they prefer to isolate themselves when studying for finals.

“I went to quiet places where I could concentrate,” said recent graduate Mike Janowski.

Salob said he sometimes studies in his room when he studies alone, but prefers the fourth floor of Grainger Engineering Library with a small group of classmates.

“I study by myself when others aren’t available,” Salob said.

The materials brought to group and solo study sessions are the same among students of either study style.

“I use a mixture of notes and textbooks,” said Bansari Patel, sophomore in DGS.

Rivas said she typically brings her laptop, books and lecture notes when studying for exams and starts her work a few days ahead of the final.

“I go over old exams and read the books as much as possible,” Salob said.

Studying ahead of time is the practice taught to students by parents and educators and the preferred method for some students.

“I start the week before finals begin,” he said.

Other students wait until much later to start, citing fresher memory of the material as their reason.

“I study the day before the final because information I’ve studied beforehand will have escaped me,” Janowski said.

Janowski has some advice for current students during finals. “Maintain focus,” he said.

Janowski also said he planned his study schedules ahead of time.