Studying in dorm has many pros, cons

While it may seem more convenient to study in a residence hall room — everything within reach — some students said that the distractions of their rooms cause them to seek other places in the building to study.

“I feel like there’s so many distractions — I have my bed to sleep on, my computer, the TV,” said Nighath Hussain, sophomore in Business. “There are way too many things going on.”

Cristina Martinez, sophomore in LAS, said she avoids her room when studying.

Anna Wetherholt, freshman in LAS, said she tends to study in the residence halls.

“I do primarily because it’s ISR,” she said. “If I want to study by myself, I prefer my room.”

Wetherholt said Facebook is the biggest distraction when she stays in her room to study.

Martinez said she uses the basement and hall library to study and avoid distractions.

“There are study carrols that are helpful,” she said.

Martinez said even the lounges are not always the best place to study.

“It feels so distracting, especially in the open lounges, when people walk by and are talking and laughing,” she said. “Then I get distracted and want to go out, too.”

Wetherholt said that she uses the lounge to study with a group. Hussain said she studies in the lounge to avoid the distractions of her room but stays inside instead of walking to the library.

“If I want to study with other people around me, I use the lounge,” Wetherholt said.

Hussain said that quiet hours, the time when residents are required to keep noise level down, help in some halls, but she said ISR is usually pretty quiet anyway.

“When I lived in the Six-Pack last year, quiet hours really helped because it was a lot louder, and it’s more social and stuff,” Hussain said.

Martinez said quiet hours have no effect on her because she leaves her room to study for finals.

“It’s definitely nice if you decide to study in your room, though,” she said.

Wetherholtz, who lives in ISR, said deciding to study in the residence halls has to do with which building you live in.

“If I lived in another dorm, I’d probably use Grainger a lot more,” she said.