Time to ‘fumigate’ our state’s government

This February, voters all over the state will have a great opportunity to fumigate state government and make our citizens proud of the Governor again. Over the last decade, this state has seen far too many examples of how our politicians take us for granted. George Ryan, Rod Blagojevich, and complicit politicians have tarnished the image of the great State of Illinois.

Reading the news over the last couple months, I have become disappointed with the existing Illinois political class as well as historically conservative Republicans. The entire image of the party is tarnished when 3 ‘conservative’ Republicans claim that a tax hike is unavoidable.

The deficit continues to skyrocket and Democrats keep relying on new taxes and fees that hurt families and businesses. Many of us are suffering from job losses, inadequate health care, and other symptoms of the broken system that make us want to move out.

Property taxes are at unprecedented rates, pensions are unfunded, job losses are at record highs, and health care is mismanaged. Of all seven Republicans, the only candidate who has thought out real implementable solutions to all these issues is Adam Andrzejewski. He has outlined specific solutions on his Web-site at AdamForIllinois.com. His impeccable background and ideas together create the best opposition to any other candidate. Unlike any of his opponents, he doesn’t need the legislature to implement the two key components of his impressive platform.

1. Every Dime, Online, in Real Time (Full financial transparency of state checkbooks)

2. Forensic Audit of all State Agencies (Assess impact of spending and restore accountability)

He is running on leadership and entrepreneurial skills – not the political experience that has led our former governors into corruption. Illinois is facing a record budget deficit and a crisis of leadership and Adam Andrzejewski is the man for the job.

Jerry Vachaparambil,

sophomore in LAS