Career Center can be useful tool during job search

With graduation right around the corner, some students who are receiving their diploma at the end of the semester are scrambling to find jobs once they graduate college and enter the real world.

Dan Morgan, senior in ACES, is staying an extra year to finish his degree in food science.

“I really want to go into research and product development for a food company,” Morgan said. “I had an internship last summer where I worked in a research and development lab for Schultze & Burch Biscuit Company, but I don’t have a job lined up for next year.”

Mark Stoeven, senior in LAS, wants to go into the consulting world once he graduates.

“I want to get some kind of job with a consulting firm, work my way up, and start my own business,” Stoeven said.

Fortunately, there are a several different ways to approach the problem of unemployment after graduation. Students can always go back to school to pursue a graduate degree, finish or pursue another undergraduate degree, they can take a year off and travel the world, or they can continue to hunt for a job.

Unfortunately, three out of these four options require more money, and a lot of it. A trip to Europe can cost several thousand dollars for merely a few weeks. And that’s just for staying in one country. Graduate school is an even bigger expense that can cost significantly more than an undergraduate education. The only option that will have the least impact on your wallet is to find a job.

The University has several resources students can utilize when it comes to finding a job in order to evade the five percent unemployment rate. Alumni also have access to these resources whenever they need.

Katie Flint, assistant director of the Career Center, has seen many students who are soon to graduate walk through the Career Center doors because they have not found a job yet.

“People are coming close to graduation, and it’s the first time that they’ve visited us,” she said.

Flint was able to describe some of the many resources the Career Center offers to both students and alumni.

“Students can sit down with a counselor, one on one, for a 45-minute appointment,” Flint said. “Our staff consists of 10 advisers. We have some that are focused on pre-health and pre-med advising, but everyone does general appointments.”

There are also resume workshops students and alumni can utilize at any time.

“We have resume critique and cover letter critique drop in hours in our resource center, and that’s every day of the week from 2-4:30 p.m.,” Flint said.

The best part is, if the career center cannot find what you’re looking for, then they will do whatever they can to get a student a job.

“We start tapping in to other departments or resources if we’re not quite sure where to find something,” Flint said.

If you cannot find a job with graduation around the corner, the Career Center might just be the place that can suit you up for a new career.