Budget Web site active for Urbana campus

On Feb. 5 the Urbana campus launched a Web site, “Stewarding Excellence @ Illinois”, to keep students and academic employees aware of the campus’ planned budget changes.

Students have been allowed to subscribe to a weekly update through the Web site of what changes are being made to the budget during the financial crisis.

The project includes involvement from many standing committees that contribute to the smaller project teams that focus on certain parts of the budget. The structure includes the Council of Deans, Senate Budget Committee, Senate Executive Committee, Campus Steering Committee, Campus Advisory Committee and Project Management Committee.

“We created the Web site to offer the campus community a resource for understanding the current campus financial challenges,” said Robin Kaler, associate chancellor for Public Affairs. “It also offers a way to share their ideas for cost savings.”

Led by Robert Easter, interim chancellor and provost, and Dick Wheeler, interim vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, the project has identified that short-term projects will be completed by April as committees continue to monitor progress on long-term projects.