Students continue to help Haiti

Relief efforts are going strong on campus after the earthquake that slammed Haiti on Jan. 12.

Several Registered Student Organizations and local businesses are doing their part to create fundraising and donation opportunities.

Ellen Landgren, philanthropy chair for the professional business fraternity Phi Gamma Nu and junior in LAS, said her group is organizing “Hunt for Haiti,” which begins at 12:30 p.m. on Feb. 20 under the Bell Tower on the South Quad. The cost is $10 per person.

Landgren said the event is a digital scavenger hunt, involving a list of events that must be completed in teams and photographed with a digital camera. Prizes will be awarded to the winners and the groups that bring the most people to the event. A raffle will also take place.

“That’s all going to be based off donations, and so there’s going to be no cost to the event — all the proceeds are going to UNICEF, where 100 percent of their donations go to efforts in Haiti,” Landgren said.

Stefano Boulos, graduate student and native of Haiti, said he wanted to help his home country as much as possible by holding a series of events to find a way to provide relief.

“The first thing I thought about is ‘How do I go back to Haiti?’ actually,” Boulos said. “But I thought about it, and realized it’s probably better to stay here and try to work with people here and bring some kind of relief from here instead of just going and not knowing what exactly I was going to do.”

The event, “I HEART HAITI,” is an informational forum and fundraiser occurring on Feb. 11 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center. There is a $5 suggested donation for attendants, and both monetary and non-monetary donations are welcome. Boulos said the first hour will feature speakers discussing the history of and present conditions in Haiti, and the second hour will feature two live bands.

“Obviously, Haiti needs a lot of help right now and anything can help. Actually, at this point, every little thing can help,” Boulos said.

Paul Keutelian, senior in Engineering, said Hendrick House is hosting an event, “SMASH for Haiti,” to bring together video game fans for Haiti relief.

SMASH for Haiti, a tournament featuring the video game “Super Smash Bros. Melee,” will occur on Feb. 27 at 11 a.m. at Hendrick House. There is a mandatory minimum donation of $5 for students and $10 for non-students. People who do not sign up can donate as well.

Keutelian said Betsy Hendrick, the building owner, will be matching all donations.

He said 10 people have signed up on his Web site,

William Reed, senior in LAS and the arts and music director for Caffe Paradiso, said the café knew it wanted to do something to help with Haiti, and decided to make a big music event out of it instead of just putting out a donation table.

“We had 10 different performances all day (Feb. 6) from 9 a.m. ‘till 11 p.m,” Reed said. “Some were bands, some were just solo artists, and they were various different genres, so we had everything from folk music to rock, to classical to jazz.”

Many people responded to this opportunity to help Haiti by bringing in their own possessions and creations, he said.

“There were clothes, there was a random stuffed lion,” Reed said. “Lots of various different things,” Reed said.