Music tour showcases new artists at Greek events

Nothing enhances a party like live music, but arranging for a band to play at a sisterhood event, house party or philanthropy can be difficult. The Sorority and Fraternity Tour makes this easy.

The Sorority and Fraternity Tour offers chapters several unique opportunities by giving Greeks a chance to feature up-and-coming artists at their philanthropy and social events while also allowing members to work as college representatives for the program.

The tour has made stops at the University in the past, and plans are being made for several shows this spring. On March 9, the tour will be featured as part of a philanthropy event hosted by Kappa Delta Rho and Delta Delta Delta.

“It’s a fun way for the Greek system to experience up-and-coming musicians and for them to get live acts to perform at their events,” said Adam Carr, founder of the Fraternity and Sorority Tour.

Currently, the tour features artists Kelley James and Silver Medallion. Carr described James’s music as a mixture between that of Jack Johnson and Maroon Five. Silver Medallion’s music is comparable to LMFAO, Carr said.

Events at sororities are much different from fraternity events, Carr said. While fraternities host high-energy shows, sororities host more low-key shows.

“Artists will take time to tell everyone their story,” Carr said. “They’ll tell everyone how they got to where they are today and play their original songs.” James performs at more sorority events, while Silver Medallion performs at fraternity events.

On March 9, Kelley James will be performing at the Illini Union Courtyard Cafe. The show will be a benefit concert, and all proceeds will go to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, said Nick Gillespie, sophomore in Engineering and Kappa Delta Rho’s rush chair.

Gillespie has been working with Kaitlyn Evoy, sophomore in Education and Delta Delta Delta’s external philanthropy chair, to plan the event.

“When Nick asked us to partner with KDR, we were so incredibly excited,” Evoy said. “The girls in (Delta Delta Delta) are so passionate about St. Jude, so we do anything we can to raise money for them.”

Tickets will start selling on Feb. 23 and will be $10 each, said Evoy. James will be performing and the event will be open to everyone, not just students within the Greek system, said Gillespie. Gillespie said he is excited to see James in concert.

“I think (James) is awesome,” he said. “His music is really catchy and has an awesome sound to it, and some of his songs are pretty funny.”

While the tour already features James and Silver Medallion, it is constantly looking for new acts, Carr said. He receives many submissions from managers, friends of friends, and other people who want to be featured as a part of the tour.

“It’s a competitive tour to be featured on, because the Greek market is the perfect audience for musicians to get their music out,” Carr said.

The cost to host the show varies from venue to venue and everything is based upon the chapter’s budget, Carr said. With few guidelines on how to plan the event, shows are different at each fraternity and sorority.

“That’s why so many chapters love it,” Carr said. “We take the precautions to make sure everything is good to go and give them ideas of what has been successful in the past, but there are no strict guidelines.”

Events are usually planned by campus representatives. As representatives, students are able to work with corporate sponsors including Muscle Milk and Oakley and are notified when the tour will be in the area. This usually happens once or twice a semester, and representatives work with the tour to organize and conduct the show.

“The ideal situation would be for each chapter to have a rep in their house,” Carr said. “That way, they know when the tour is coming through, and we can make it happen for them.”