Carle hospital releases annual community report

The Carle Foundation has issued a report detailing the 2009 fiscal year’s major achievements and the benefits the Hospital and Carle Foundation entities have provided the community.

Carle’s hospital services that operate at a loss, their donations, research, community and medical education, workforce development, and other areas of community benefit totaled $79,176,001, according to the Foundation.

Free and discounted medical care was highlighted as a critical portion of the community benefit, as its cost was reported to have accumulated to $9,043,695 during 2009.

Community benefit was one of three categories of the report, the quality of care and the internal aspects of the Foundation being included as well.

According to the report, Carle RxExpress decreased the percentage of medication errors between 2008 to 2009 from 0.02% to 0.01%, an issue for which the national average is 5%.

The report was distributed by the Carle Foundation Public Relations sector. The full report asks for community feedback and provides past annual reports.