Tuition, fees must remain low to keep numbers high

I am writing in regards to the “Officials: student fees to increase, will aid campus services,” article published Nov. 30, 2009. This could be a problem for many who are considering the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for their school of choice. I am writing against the proposed increase of tuition rates for incoming students.

It is clear to see the current state of the economy and that families across the world are facing financial crises every day. Increasing cost can only add to the burden that is already on families by the current state of the economy.

Illinois made a promise that funding would be provided to cover the cost of tuition, fees, room, board, and books for low-income students, according to our home Web site. We have to consider the population before putting this kind of tuition increase into effect. The assumption is being made that everyone is able to afford being part of the UI family.

Currently, we have been continuing to rank amongst the highest tuition rates within the Big Ten. In order to keep large admission numbers in applicants at the University, we should strive to maintain a lower tuition cost.

In turn, if something is not done to prevent the tuition hike, parents and students will continue their education search with other universities amongst the Top Ten that have lower costs for tuition and fees.

Shanitera Walker,

junior in LAS