Search in progress for James Dyson Award

The James Dyson Foundation has begun its search for the most inventive student to receive the 2010 James Dyson Award.

According to a press release from Jason Bellinger, associate media specialist, the competition is for students to design problem-solving inventions and to inspire engineering’s next generation.

The release states that the winner’s prize includes $15,000 with another $15,000 going to the student’s university department and a trip to visit a Dyson engineering facility in either the UK or Malaysia.

Entries are being accepted through July 1 and more information can be found at

Previous inventions in the competition have included flat folding plugs, guide dog GPS, a paper cast used in disaster relief and the most recent was last year’s winner which was a kitchen sink attachment that detects and extinguishes fires with a fine water mist, stated the press release.