Concealed carry laws would deter those not serious about gun ownership

Columnist should consider merit of carrier, not gun

Tuesday’s Opinions section featured an article on concealed carry. Many people are under the impression that the adoption of concealed carry laws would make guns accessible to anyone. This is far from the truth.

In Illinois, to legally own a gun you must have a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card. In order to get a FOID card you must fill out the form and pay the appropriate fees. Have you ever had a drinking ticket or been arrested for anything other than a speeding ticket? If so, chances are you will not get a FOID card. In addition you are not able to legally own a handgun in Illinois until you are 21 years of age. After getting a FOID card you would then need to apply for a concealed carry license. To get this you must take a firearm safety class and pay the appropriate fees. All of the time, effort, and fees really start to add up if you are not serious about carrying a weapon legally.

Also, it is illegal to be in possession of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol, and it is illegal to use your weapon (showing or otherwise) unless under direct self-defense. Violation of either of these laws will result in the loss of your permit and your weapon. It is important to remember GUN CONTROL LAWS ONLY AFFECT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS!

In conclusion, I feel that the lengths you would have to go to would deter anyone who was not truly serious about owning a firearm, and that the population that did would be adequately trained to safely carry a weapon, therefore eliminating any risks of kids challenging each other to duels on the quad.

Will Jennings,

junior in ACES