Students will soon flock to Panama City Beach

Spring break is right around the corner which means it is time to dust off your swim suit, head to the tanning salon and hop on a plane — for those who are lucky enough.

Panama City Beach, Fla., or PCB, is the perfect location for the ultimate stereotypical college spring break, MTV-style. Warm weather, beaches and partying are all elements of this location and are what draws many students there, especially students involved in the Greek system.

Nora Tonge, sophomore in FAA, said about 20 girls in her sorority are going to PCB.

“It’s like a tradition for girls in my sorority to go there for spring break,” Tonge said. “People from years above me said it was fun, so my pledge class decided to go.”

Tonge is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and said that it is common for most chapters on campus to have a big group of members going to PCB over spring break. Fraternities also have a lot of guys going, she said.

Tonge started a Facebook group for students going to PCB, and it currently has 445 members.

“I started the group so people could see who else was going and possibly meet up once they got there,” Tonge said.

The Summit resort is the most popular place for students to stay, as it is where most of the action occurs, Tonge said.

The Summit offers its guests a VIP party pass, which is a seven day and night package, according to its Web site. This package includes express entry to parties, exemption from cover charge and free beer during specific time slots adding up to 30 hours. All this comes with a reservation and $40 pricetag.

The current cost for a one bedroom rental at The Summit during the week of March 20-27 is$2,394. This bedroom can accommodate six people, so for one person the cost would be$399. Earlier in the year, rates for rooms were lower than what they are now.

Tonge is staying at The Summit, but that is not the only place students reside for the week. Scott Mayer, senior in LAS, is staying at another resort called the Origin at Seahaven. Mayer is not in the Greek system, but admits that a great majority of the students traveling to Panama City Beach for spring break probably are.

“It is a popular thing to do among Greeks because they do similar things here,” Mayer said. “PCB is a pretty big attraction for college kids, and Greeks tend to look for party scene on spring break.”

Aside from the partying, there are plenty of activities to take part in. The Summit Web site mentions that parasailing, jet skiing and banana boat rides are available. Mayer said he is hoping to rent a boat with his friends.

“We have no real plans,” Mayer said. “We have a general idea of what we want to do, but we are going to decide when we get there.”

Tonge said she is also excited just to relax on the trip.

“I will be taking part in the party scene, but I am most looking forward to the sun and having a good time with my friends,” she said.

Both Mayer and Tonge said they will be driving the 14-hour trip down to Florida. Some students fly, but a good majority drive, Tonge said.

“It’s like a trend here to go to PCB,” Tonge said. “It is a fun place to be for spring break.”