Board of Trustees bill fails in House

The reorganization of the Board of Trustees has been delayed, as state legislation failed Wednesday that would have, among other things, given faculty members a vote on the Board of Trustees.

Members of the Illinois House stopped House Bill 4608 from moving on to the state Senate with 69 votes against it and 44 votes for it. One representative cast a present vote, voting neither for nor against the bill.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, D-37, approved of the bill when it was in the Higher Education Committee last Wednesday but voted against the bill on the House floor because he said he did not think it was not a finished product.

“I think this was a little bit of an overreach, and I think that’s the reason that the bill was rejected,” McCarthy said. “I know they (the bill’s sponsors) will continue to work on it and maybe find some acceptable solution in the future.”

He said he agreed with the legislation’s aim to take the nine trustee appointments out the governor’s hands but said the University of Illinois Alumni Association should not be able to select six members, as the bill would require.

The bill was a combination of three bills that aimed to create a new Board of Trustees. The version that failed would have given three positions on the Board to faculty members – one from each campus. One would have been able to cast a legally binding vote.