Campus presents numerous ways to satisfy students’ late-night appetites

Once students get to college, 10 o’clock is the new 12 o’clock and 2 a.m. is the new midnight. However, dinnertime is still around 5 p.m.

This leads to one problem that most students face: late-night hunger.

However, being on a college campus, it is quite easy to find something to get through the evening hours.

“There is no way I could ever get through an all-nighter or a night out without a mass amount of food,” said Rina Park, sophomore in Education. “I probably order Jimmy John’s at least three times a week because it delivers and it’s open so late.”

Park said it’s easy to find places open late when walking down Green Street, especially on the weekends when businesses are open later.

She said the ‘fourth meal’ never existed much in high school, but is unavoidable in college.

“There’s nothing like getting warm cookies and milk delivered to you at one in the morning,” Park said, referring to Insomnia Cookies, 502 E. John St.

“You need something to keep you going through the night, and there are just so many options here.”

To find out what food is available, people can look at websites such as and, which list what restaurants are open at specific times and if delivery is available.

“We know that oftentimes students are too busy to cook, and we like to offer different options for them once everything is closed,” said Justin Gorrell, managing partner for Eatcu.

One thing Park is a fan of when living in the dorms, is taking advantage of Late Night.

“Even if you’re not that hungry, it’s just a social thing to go to Late Night,” Park said.

“Eating is such a social activity, and it’s something to do when you’re bored late at night and putting off studying.”

Park not only likes buying food, but enjoys finding different things to make or snack on at night as well.

Yae Joon, graduate student in Sociology said eating sugar is what keeps her awake at night.

“I just need something to munch on that will keep me going,” Joon said.

“That is why I like studying at coffee shops or at diners like Merry Ann’s that are open all night. You can try all the different desserts and coffees and you’re a lot less likely to fall asleep.”

Joon also said fast food is always a a good option for the late night cravings for students with cars.

“Everybody has to eat,” Joon said. “It doesn’t matter what hour it is, you’re hungry when you’re hungry.”