Ten quick, cheap, easy meals to simplify your fast-paced life

All too often, there is simply not enough time in a day, but it’s still incredibly important to get some food in your stomach.

Unless you live in the dorms or have the money to dine out, it means you have to make a quick meal.

Here are some quick easy options to make when you just don’t have much time:

Frozen Pizza: Unless you leave it in the oven too long, it’s always the perfect option. There’s at least one meal to be had out of it, and if there are leftovers, the cold pizza the next morning will also serve as a great breakfast.

Sandwich: It’s probably the quickest meal to make. On top of being incredibly cheap to make, you can construct your sandwich to either be healthy or filling. Just keep in mind that mayonnaise is loaded with fat and calories.

Frozen Dinners: After just a few minutes, you can have yourself chicken fettuccini, Swedish meatballs, or even ravioli. They’re not the highest quality of food nor always very filling, but they serve their purpose as an easy option.

Chicken Tenders: Like the Hot Pockets, they can go in the oven or microwave. Regardless, in no more than 10 minutes you can be dipping them in ketchup, barbecue sauce or even ranch dressing. Just remember to add some fries too.

Hot Pockets: These can go in the oven or microwave depending on how impatient you are. The good thing is that there is a wide variety of choices available for breakfast, dinner or lunch, so it’s very easy to live off of just them alone.

Hamburgers: Thaw out some ground beef, add some of your favorite spices, and then throw it on the stove or grill. It’s one of America’s favorite foods and is not actually too unhealthy. If you use a better cut of beef, it will be even healthier, but will more likely fall apart.

Soup: It’s usually made on the stove, but you can find some good microwavable brands too. It’s usually a healthy option and it’s perfect if you’re feeling a bit under the weather.

Grilled Cheese: Growing up, it’s been a favorite after-school snack of kids for years. It’s not the most filling meal, but you can make more than one, or add some extra cheese and meat to change it up from how your mom used to make it.

Macaroni and Cheese: Whether it’s Kraft Easy Mac, the regular box, or the gourmet brand, it’s always easy to make mac and cheese. Just boil water, add noodles and drain once they’re tender. If you feel really adventurous, you can add some extra cheese, bacon bits or hamburger to make it even more filling.

Hot Dogs/Bratwurst: They can be made on the stovetop but taste a lot better on the grill. It doesn’t make for a very healthy meal, but with how easy it is to make, you can afford to make it once in a while.

If these cheap, quick options are still too much of a hassle, there are always McDonald’s or Taco Bell’s dollar menus. Just remember that it’s a long walk to get to them, so it’s good to have a car or get a ride from a friend.