Hogan to be more accessible to students

With over a month under his belt as the new University president, Michael Hogan continues to address several key issues that face the University from the budget to the search for several key administrators.

Hogan said the transition in leadership from Interim President Stanley Ikenberry is going very well because of the relationship the two have.

“President Ikenberry is a terrific leader and good friend,” Hogan said. “I’m delighted that he’s agreed to continue to work with me as a special advisor to ensure a smooth transition.”

Ikenberry also said the transition has gone smoothly and that they meet and speak regularly. He added that Hogan is progressing quickly within his role as University president.

“I think he’s moving along very rapidly and on a very positive course,” Ikenberry said.

He added that the budget will be one of the main issues that Hogan must address but not the only significant one.

“Dealing with the financial crisis and the uncertainty that surrounds it will be the number one challenge, but beyond that the University needs to move to be able to control its own destiny,” Ikenberry said.

He said an additional priority of the new president is to begin the recruitment of other positions within the administration such as the Chancellor and Chancellor of Academic Affairs positions on the Urbana campus.

Hogan also acknowledged that the budget is one of the most significant challenges that he will face in the coming academic year.

“The budget will be an ongoing issue for us and we’ll need to work together to address it,” he said. “We will need to do this together, through consultation, but also setting aside individual agendas and interests and focusing on what is best for the whole University.”

In addition to addressing University issues, Hogan said he plans to maintain visibility to all members of the University from students to staff on each campus, which he hopes will increase the sense of community.

“I like to meet with students, learn about their experiences, and listen to their concerns, just as I do faculty and staff,” he said. “It’s important to me to be accessible to members of our community in order to hear directly from them about their concerns for how we can pull together in these difficult times and emerge even stronger.”

University spokesman Tom Hardy said it is important for Hogan, in his young presidency, to get to know all facets of “a University that basically touches every part of this state.”

Hardy said that Hogan’s “stellar academic record” and “real passion for discovering new knowledge and for educating people” will help him to be successful as University president.

“I think he’ll be consistent with some of the leadership we’ve had in recent history in terms of being someone who is grounded in Midwestern experience and ideals,” Hardy said.