Peel back stereotypes to ‘give peace a chance’

Where is the love?

In this crazy world filled with hate and misfortune, why does one voice that tries to shed some light in the darkness receive so much flak? Green’s blunt remarks on Block-I’s “USA” chant was only an attempt for others to consider the possible repercussions of one’s actions. After all, the only thing separating angels from demons is the subjective reality of whose side you are on. Any individual, who kills your men, can easily be vilified as a demon amongst your group and be named an angel amongst his own. To understand truth, one needs to peel back the years of distortion and stereotypes cast upon the world and its peoples.

I beseech the readers to consider the immortal words of Lennon, “Give peace a chance.” That peace starts at understanding, not only those individuals that need to chant their patriotism, but also those that may be afflicted by that chanting.

Stuart Dent,

Urbana resident