Letters to the Editor

‘The Next Dance’ mocks traditional ceremonies

During certain American Indian ceremonies, it is not uncommon for an eagle to appear overhead, a sign of divine approval.

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On a related note, I’m pretty sure I saw turkey vultures circling above the Assembly Hall on Saturday evening, during “The Next Dance.”

James Treat,

associate professor in the Department of Religion

Reynolds’ ignorant views shouldn’t represent UI

Wednesday, in a candidate forum at the Champaign City Building, Republican Al Reynolds, running for state Senate, claimed that minority men are not hard workers like minority women and said minority men choose to “do drugs” and “sports” over hard work and education. As a minority man and University student, I resent Mr. Reynolds’ myopic, small-minded views. Not only do I work extremely hard to be successful, but so do all of my black and Latino male friends. As a member of the East Central Illinois community, I resent Mr. Reynolds and his racial remarks. Mr. Reynolds may have fiscal views that fall in line with the East Central Illinois community, but I am confident that citizens of Champaign and Vermilion counties, including students at the University, do not condone Mr. Reynolds’ remarks and do not hold the same view as Mr. Reynolds in regards to race, gender and work ethic.

The racial views of Al Reynolds may fit in with a small, bigoted section of society, but I do not believe they fit in at all in Illinois, and I believe they do not conform to the view of the diverse student body at the University. Clearly, someone like Al Reynolds should not be representing the University, Champaign, and Urbana in the Illinois State Senate.

Aaron Lowe,

freshman in LAS