Bizarre bias displayed towards Chief fans

I am astounded by the amount of preferential bias you displayed for the pro-Chief groups in your article about the Chief-mascot on Monday and previously. Why is it that you feel the need to mention that Ivan Dozier is “part-Cherokee” in every Chief article? You don’t mention that he is also “part-Caucasian” or the race of any other students on campus when you refer to them. Are you trying to legitimize the racist mascot by the assertion that this dancer is “part-Cherokee”? Not only is it bizarre to mention this, since the Cherokee were never part of the Illini Confederacy and could not legitimize this person pretending to be a fake Illini representation, but it is also clearly put in the article to try to demonstrate a pro-Chief viewpoint. Please stop writing such biased articles.

Lindsey Stirek,

junior in LAS