Opinions editor Rachel Small shares insight about election

…take a deep breath.

Think for a moment about who you want to be in charge of funding your University, representing your state nationally and handling your tax money.

The Daily Illini’s Editorial Board did — you can read our endorsements above.

So have countless other newspapers, bloggers and citizens.

You don’t need to spend hours of research to decide on your ideal candidates, but take the time to figure out where you stand and who represents that opinion. Find out what’s at stake.

Like the funding for our University.

Like the mentally disabled residents of group homes who will have nowhere to go if their homes stop receiving state aid.

Like the elderly residents of Illinois who are being forced to move into nursing homes, which costs the state tremendously, because much less inexpensive services for in-home care, or someone to bring them a meal, have been cut.

It’s serious stuff. But that shouldn’t prevent us from feeling qualified to cast a vote.

Like it or not, we’re affected by the choices made by our state’s government.

Your vote makes a difference — even if it’s just sending the message that we care and are paying attention.

Rachel is a senior in Media.