The Daily Illini endorses… Illinois House of Representatives

Naomi Jakobsson is undeniably tied to this University, and she boasts an impressive legislative record of voting to protect higher education and takes leadership in the House.

She also knows the state needs to take action now to salvage itself financially and come through for the people who depend on it. Jakobsson supports progressive income taxes, which would be a major improvement over the current flat taxes and put the burden on those most prepared to shoulder it.

We need legislators who are willing to do what it takes to pay Illinois’ bills as soon as possible. Jakobsson’s been in the House long enough to realize that only making cuts, with no additional revenue, isn’t going to solve things in time. Immediate action is long overdue.

Jakobsson’s experience, energy and commitment to the state and its flagship University make her our pick for 103rd District Illinois House Representative.