Vote Phillips and Jenero for county board

Despite being a political newcomer, I was endorsed by the News-Gazette for county board in district 8 because of the long-time incumbent’s “poisonous” attitude and “destructive” partisan squabbling. As a University graduate and academic employee, I will place the concerns of students and other constituents ahead of party loyalty, listen carefully to all sides, and find better solutions to our problems.

County government affects the lives of students through appointments to the board that controls bus service on campus, by running elections and choosing polling places, and by funding the court system that is supposed to deter crime on campus. If students don’t vote in local elections, then local politicians will ignore their concerns in these and other areas.

I encourage students to also support student candidate Gina Jenero. While her campaign has been disappointing, she remains the best chance for student representation on the county board. When Sam Smucker resigned from the board in early October the Democrats could have sought and appointed a qualified student, but chose a rural retiree instead. If Gina is elected but declines to serve I will insist that a student be appointed in her place.

Jim Phillips,

candidate for county board

in District 8