Royal wedding hype on campus

For the past few weeks, avoiding the royal wedding has been a difficult task. Prince William and his fiancé, Kate Middleton, have been on the covers of magazines, featured on many television specials, and even have a twitter account just to update followers on the details of the wedding.

All of this hype has created three types of people: the obsessive royal wedding enthusiast, the person who casually follows the royal romance and the American who wants nothing to do with the English fantasy wedding. All three types can be found on the University campus.

h3. The Royal Wedding enthusiast:

“It’s a huge deal, it’s a royal wedding and they’ve been talking about this for years and years. It’s not so often that you get to see a wedding that’s so big and spectacular like this, I’m really excited for it. A couple girls in my sorority and I are all literally getting together at 4 in the morning to watch it together. Plus, there’s a drinking game. Every time that the camera shows the Queen, you take a sip. Every time they show Prince Harry and talk about how he’s such an eligible bachelor, you take a drink. There’s a bunch of different rules, there’s a thing on Facebook about it too,” said Katie McNamee, freshman in FAA.

h3. The American who wants nothing to do with the English fantasy wedding:

“I hear that Prince William is marrying a girl name Kate, is this true?” Julia Pratapas, freshman in LAS. “And that she’s called something different in Europe than she is in the United States. That’s pretty much the only thing that I know about it. I think that if it’s a big deal in England, then that’s fine, but I don’t plan on watching because it doesn’t interest me at all.”

h3. The person who casually follows the royal romance:

“I like it, it’s a royal wedding and they’re going to be King and Queen of England one day, clearly they need hype. But, I just started getting into it this week — I didn’t know anything about it until Monday. And well, it’s at 5:00 a.m., but they’ll probably do reruns so I’ll probably watch that,” said Amber Hackney, freshman in Business.

“I think that hype is unnecessary here though. I like it, but we live in America so they don’t really relate to us … For the wedding, I’ll watch a rerun, but not live,” said Heidi Newcom, freshman in DGS.