Final exams: A time for idling above all else in semester homestretch

Funny thing about final exams — your professors tell you during syllabus week exactly when and where they will be, but somehow, they always sneak up on you and bite you in the butt like the annoying little brother you never had.

So whilst you sit there contemplating when you will find the time to study for said exams, I have been compiling a list of ways to procrastinate — er, excuse me — a list of things to do in between those long hours in the study carols.

Given all the hype about a certain wedding that took place across the pond recently, this first suggestion is pertinent to all you Chambana single ladies. Let’s put Google to good use and find us some single Prince Charmings. Because if we learned anything from the media overload of the royal nuptials, it is that anybody can be a princess — if you mingle with the right crowd and marry into royal blood. And hey, if he likes it, maybe he will put an 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring on it.

My next suggestion promises to de-clutter your life, help you land a job or internship in the future and keeps potential stalkers at bay. What is this wonder drug of advice, you ask? Simple: Unfriend people on Facebook. At first taste, it seems harsh, but you have got to ask yourself: How many of your thousand friends do you even know or interact with outside of the cyber world?

My rule of thumb is if I cannot remember how I know the person, I scroll down and with a quick click, they are out of my life forever. Perhaps more importantly, when the time comes for me to finally land a big girl job in the real world, I can rest assured that there are only 500 people who can access my personal information and photos — as opposed to 2,000. Because that incriminating photo that you thought was banished from Facebook has a nasty habit of resurfacing from time to time, and surely that is not what you would like your future employers to stumble upon.

This brings me to my third idea for giving yourself a break because cramming is easier said than done, and leaves your brain feeling like a three-week-old squishy marshmallow Peep: Once you log in and create an account, a behind-the-scenes super computer scours the Internet searching for links, blog posts, pictures and videos that might interest you. And like all great Internet phenomenon, there lies potential for serious time wasting, so you will have to limit yourself to a study break and not a nine-hour Stumbleupon sesh.

Another novel idea for filling in those 20 minute gaps between hitting the books may not seem too appealing, but it is a job that you are going to have to do sooner or later, and it might as well be sooner. Clean out the fridge. Why? Because those Pokey sticks are rock-hard and that half gallon of milk is well beyond its expiration date. You will be moving out soon enough, so please do not make your mother scrape out remnants of the leftover pasta sauce that leaked all over, creating a tacky red glaze along the bottom of your fridge.

My final piece of advice as a second semester senior: Study. We are in the homestretch and we have all become really good at procrastinating, but what matters most is that you make the grade. So hit the books and take a few breaks for coffee, sunshine, fresh air and friends, and remember that summer is just a few finals away. Summer, when you won’t have to see another Scantron ever again — or at least until September.

_Kelly is a senior in Media._