University to improve classroom technology

The University released a letter Tuesday summarizing new Stewarding Excellence projects concerned with space allocation, maintenance and the establishment of a committee to oversee classroom space standards.

The projects described in the letter have passed the initial research stage, called the Stewarding Excellence @ Illinois process. The next stage, called Next Steps, contains projects the University is ready to take steps toward implementing.

The letter, which was signed by Interim Chancellor and Vice President Robert Easter and Interim Provost Richard Wheeler, described the conclusions and recommendations of the project team charged with reviewing campus space needs. One of the projects mentioned is a commitment to have every classroom reach a minimum level of instructional technology, such as projectors or computer systems, within the next five years.

According to the summarized report, 37 classrooms received funding through a mix of available fees and the Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund Assessment. Improvements on 17 of the most heavily used classrooms will begin this summer.

Another recommendation of the project team is for the University to appoint a standing committee to oversee classroom space, especially instructional space.

The project team also recommended making sure that classroom buildings are located in key locations, research buildings are centrally located and administrative buildings are located on the edges of campus.