Dorm security tightens to ensure safer environment for students

This fall, the University is making efforts to create a more secure environment in residence halls; the University police department hired seven security officers to patrol University Housing and Apartments. The officers began patrolling Thursday, and they will be on duty from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. every night.

The guards can radio to the Public Safety Division for assistance, and they will not carry weapons.

Ryan Johnson, the security coordinator at the Division of Public Safety, said the police department has worked on enhancing the dorm security system since last year.

“Just an additional security measure that University Housing and Public Safety (Division) have collaborated and worked on together to add another layer of security for our residence hall community,” Johnson said.

The new officers went through training with law enforcement personnel at the public safety building, he said.

Brittany Meyer, recent ACES graduate and a front desk clerk at Sherman Hall, said the new dorm security system will be a great addition for students’ safety.

“I think it’s a good idea because of some of the stuff that happened last year, and if you can make the campus safer, then why not?” Meyer said. “And I am sure it will make parents feel better and students, as well.”

Vivek Mohan, sophomore in Engineering and resident at ISR, said while he feels secure at the residence halls, there are still some safety concerns.

“When you do not have your i-card, people just let other people in,” Mohan said. “So, if someone bad comes in, that could be a problem.”

Johnson said that public safety will go to any length to ensure that the residence halls are secure.

“The security guards are there for eyes and ears,” he said. “They are there to provide assistance as far as if there is any emergency … Security guards at each location provide housing and residence with quicker response time.”