Illini Drive @ 5 highlights

Illini Drive @ 5 goes “three and out” every Monday on WPGU. Here are the highlights:


National Question: Will Miami receive the death penalty?

Max Tane: If anybody saw the 30 for 30 documentary, The U, you kind of got an idea for what they’re about … I think they will get the death penalty.


Big Ten Question: Who is the best coach, right now, in the Big Ten?

Jacob Bleyer: I’m going to go with Bo Pelini, the new guy. I think that Nebraska has the most talent and I think that he has the most well-run program.

h2. Illini Question: Will Coach Zook be back in Champaign in 2012?

Spencer Turkin: I’m going with a no, for the simple reason that Mike Thomas is gonna wanna bring in his own guys. … And I’m not gonna be afraid to say it, I think the same thing might happen in the basketball program.