Dos, don’ts for making sorority recruitment successful

Before I got to college, the only images I had of sororities came from “Legally Blonde”: tall, blonde, skinny girls dressed in pink dresses with sparkles.

But when I came to the University, I was surprisingly immersed in a Greek culture that was diverse and substantial, and my college experience would end up changing drastically.

For freshman girls, the recruitment process can be quite overwhelming. When I was going through it, I often wished that there was a manual I could follow. Since there isn’t such a thing, I thought I would share a few dos and don’ts that I think are quite helpful and important in being a successful “PNM”.

*1. Keep an open mind*

This is probably the most crucial thing you can do in order to have a successful recruitment experience. You must go through recruitment with all pre-conceived notions about chapters, and about sororities in general, out of your mind. This will allow you to form your own opinions about each sorority and ultimately find the right chapter for you. Forcing yourself to forget all about everything you have ever seen in the movies and on TV will make it possible for you to start your recruitment process on a clean slate.

*2. Be yourself*

Under all the layers of applied and re-applied makeup, you want to make sure that your true personality shines through. You spend hours picking out the right outfit in the morning, but in the end, it’s your personality that must match the sorority — not your shoes.

*3. Stick with it*

Not everything is going to go your way during recruitment. There are going to be let downs — with almost 1,500 girls going through recruitment, it’s just part of the process. While you’re sprinting in your heels from Urbana to Champaign, you are not alone in just wanting to end the mental and physical exhaustion. Push through it and like me, you might be pleasantly surprised by a fantastic end result.

*4. Don’t do what your friends are doing*

Just because you are friends with someone doesn’t mean you are meant to be in the same sorority. Everyone is different and you should always do what feels right for you. I know plenty of people who have best friends in other houses and it hasn’t affected their friendship at all. Think about it this way: a true friend will still be friends with you even if you’re in a different chapter.

*5. Have fun*

As stressful and pressure-packed as the whole process is, recruitment is meant to be fun. It is essential for you focus on the fact that it is a learning experience. Whether you end up in a sorority or not, the opportunity to figure out how to navigate your way around campus or meet friends in your recruitment group will benefit you exponentially in the end.

_Morgan is a sophomore in Media._