Fishing for a 5 dollar favor? New website may fit the bill

Write a short story. Give a detailed lecture on why you should watch “Friday Night Lights”. Tutor you in the difference between there, their and they’re.

This is not a list of a few of my favorite things, but rather services I would choose to sell for five dollars if I were a member at “”

If you’ve never heard of (I hadn’t until this column was due), let me back up. is, as the slogan suggests, “The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5.” Essentially, people post services they are willing to do for five big ones, and if you’re interested in say, hearing a personalized singing telegram or receiving a postcard from Oktoberfest — well, you’re in luck. You are also a Starbucks venti frappuccino poorer.

The concept is pretty basic, but I’m not entirely sure I’m sold on it.

While some sellers range from business-type people willing to create a LinkedIn profile, to artists claiming they can draw whatever you want in “pop art style,” others are frankly ridiculous. Yet, often it is the ridiculous that tends to make us the most curious.

For example, who isn’t the tiniest bit curious about a man who will do a Morgan Freeman voice-over?

How about a stranger willing to make a tough decision for you?

Or the girl who will plan your family’s Disney vacation itinerary down to the minute?

Or perhaps the most ridiculous: a woman willing to promote your website on her big fat pregnant belly. In Sharpie.

Maybe being the cynical, critical (and poor) college student that I am prevents me from seeing any conceivable benefit of this site other than mocking it. Or, perhaps Starbucks really does mean too much to me. But either way, I can’t help but think how lazy we are if we we’re willing to watch a stranger do something we are more than capable of (pardon the pregnant belly thing), if we just took the time to do it (see tough decision example).

When I think of all the things five dollars can buy, spending it on someone to pretend to be your fake girlfriend/boyfriend on Facebook stops being funny and starts getting sad (Real World flashback anybody?). Though the tagline reads: Buy. Sell. Have Fun., I think the only fun part about the site is scrolling through the list of newly posted services, getting a laugh out of a man willing to break up with your boyfriend for you, and then moving on with your day.

But for some buyers, this is no laughing matter.

People who “request gigs” looking for specific services are completely serious about what could do for them.

Broken down into categories, the search bar on the right-hand side of the page helps pinpoint your exact need. If you’re technologically challenged, click on Technology. If you need to talk it out and can’t afford a real-life therapist, seek help under Tips & Advice.

So perhaps the more important question here is not what you would do for five dollars, but what would you be willing to spend five dollars on?

_Emily Harden is a junior in LAS._

*QUIZ: What would you do for five dollars?*

Would you kiss the alma mater?

Would you sing “Time After Time” karaoke-style at White Horse Wednesday?

Would you call your mother in class and ask her a question your TA asked you?

Would you burst out laughing in the middle of an exam in Foellinger until you were escorted out?

Would you accept the Big Fat Ugly challenge?

Would you sit outside the English building telling ghost stories to freshman?

Would you go to class dressed as Lady Gaga (and not on Halloween)?

_If you answered Yes to four or more of these, you’re cray cray (for those of you who aren’t hip with the times, cray cray = crazy). But for real, if you’re that money hungry, maybe you should consider getting a job._