Former Illini football player Feagin suspect in rape cases

In the mid-1990s, several cases of sexual assault went unsolved at the University of Illinois. Today, a suspect is being held at Champaign County Jail on three rape charges.

Lieutenant Bryant Seraphin of the Urbana police said it took years of investigation and the use of DNA profiling to apprehend the suspect, Steve Feagin, a former Illinois football player.

Seraphin said police had a DNA profile of the offender in the early ’90s, which matched the DNA profile of a rape in Florida in 2007.

Evidence technician John Locker had kept Illinois directories from the time of the assaults, which included students’ hometowns and states, Seraphin said. Locker went through the directories and found students who were from Florida. After ruling out people who it could not have been, such as women, Locker had a list of possible suspects.

After further research, Locker said he realized that Feagin lived close to some of the Illinois rape victims and also near the Florida woman.

Feagin’s DNA profile matches the profile of the suspect, Seraphin said.

Feagin was arrested Sept. 30, 2008, but Florida prosecutors dropped their case, so Feagin was transported to Illinois. He is being held on a $10 million cash bond. His court appearance is set for Nov. 29 at 9 a.m.