Embrace late night video game binges while you can

11 p.m. Monday night. My dealer will have it in an hour. I paid upfront last time we met. I planned for a quick exchange.

I knew the hour would last an eternity. The withdrawals are worse than I expected. I begin to sweat. I can only think of getting my hands on it.

I arrive early. 11:30 p.m. I know I have another half hour, but so what? Nothing about this is rational. Something inside me said it would all come together faster if I just got here. I twitch my leg. I start to hum. Anything to get my mind off of it.

Midnight rolls around, and its mine. My eyes widen as I hold it. It looks different than before — shinier, sleeker, cooler.

I run to my car and speed home. Sleep means nothing compared to this. I have to have it. I planned on staying up all night. I knew I’d be addicted the moment I started, but I don’t give a damn.

By 12:15 a.m., I kiss the world goodbye. My all-night FIFA 12 binge begins.

Whether it was the new Harry Potter book or movie or that CD that just couldn’t wait, just about everyone has a sickening obsession for something that comes out at midnight. Every now and again, we decide certain things are worth destroying our normal schedule for.

My vice has always been video games. Back in the day, my saint of a mother used to get up around midnight and drive me to the local video game store so I could buy the new Madden the second it hit the market. Since, I have graduated to FIFA, the highest selling sports video game franchise in the world. Since its first version came out in 1993, the game has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

I realize there are more important things for a college senior to address — class, job applications, writing columns — but sometimes, a reprieve is required.

As I stood on my bed until 5 a.m. Tuesday morning (the television in my room is mounted at a neck straining height) I could not help but be overwhelmed with nostalgia. I thought I had retired from my all-night video game binges a few years ago, but something about my final year in college told me to indulge one final time.

My summer internship gave me a healthy dose of the real world. A night shift followed by a morning shift followed by a morning shift followed by a swing shift. Repulsing. The “real world” leaves no room for sleepless workers looking to make an impression.

But college does. Be it staying out too late boozing, romancing too late into the night or cramming until sunrise, sleep depriving activities are the- college norm.

I promised myself that as long as I stuck to my work and class schedule, I would not feel guilty. And ya know what? Coffee really works.

Sure, the kids I tutor commented on my fatigued appearance, and I seriously contemplated taking a nap under a tree halfway back home from class Wednesday night. But so what?

College is about working toward your dreams, but also living out as many as currently possible. In that regard, I consider this week a success.

By the time 5 a.m. rolled around Tuesday morning, under exhausted calves and hamstrings, I collapsed into my bed.

In the 30 seconds it took me to fall asleep, I remember feeling fulfilled. Soon I will say goodbye to nights like these, but this year, I will milk them for all they are worth.

_Phil is a senior in Media._