‘Six Pack’ gets facelift with newest dormitory

A massive overhaul is being given to the area of Ikenberry Commons, which is commonly referred to as the “Six Pack.”

This all started with the addition of Nugent Hall, which is currently in its second year. An extension is expected to be complete in summer 2012, upon the tearing down of Garner Hall at the end of the school year. It is the University’s first new residence hall in over 40 years.

Nugent Hall is a public residence hall, although it does have some similarities to private housing. The most obvious is air conditioning — something that most residents wish was available to them.

“It’s awesome,” said Joshua Le, a “junior-sophomore hybrid” transfer student in cinema studies and a Nugent resident. Le added that some perks are “temperature control (and) big rooms, with wi-fi.”

The addition will also include new desks, offices, and over 350 beds.

Nugent Hall is also connected to the Student Dining and Residential Programs Building, or SDRP. This building is home to the Ikenberry Dining Hall.

“It’s the largest dining hall in the nation underneath the military bases,” said John Wiencek, senior in Engineering and resident adviser at Garner Hall.

The dining hall can seat over 1200 people and has a large variety of dining options. There are two other dining areas in SDRP where students can purchase items with café credits: 57 North and The Caffeinator — both a la carte.

The SDRP building has many purposes besides dining. Other facilities include classrooms, a library, tech center, meeting rooms, a multipurpose room, TV lounge, cardio room and music practice rooms. Additionally, it contains an office for the Student Housing Organization and other registered student organization leaders.

Something else that Nugent Hall is known for is its partnership with Beckwith Residential Support Services, or BRSS. The partnership began in 2010 with Nugent Hall’s opening. BRSS is located on the first floor, and provides support and assistance to residents with physical disabilities. The personal assistant staff helps residents with daily living activities if they require such assistance. Not only are rooms specially designed and accommodating, but the students also have easy access to the dining hall. SDRP’s cardio equipment is also accessible for residents of the Beckwith community.

Nugent Hall has already received LEED Silver Certification for environmental sustainability and all future construction in the area is also seeking the certification.

A suite-style residence hall that will hold 480 students is under construction and will open in Fall 2013 on the corner of First and Peabody. This hall and Nugent are what the future of Ikenberry Commons residence halls will look like.