Wellness Checkups help students with nutrition

Campus Recreation and the McKinley Health Center have combined forces to assist students and other community members in the areas of health and nutrition.

Located on the concourse level of the Activities and Recreation Center, or ARC, Wellness Zone Checkups are held by McKinley Nutrition and Fitness Peers on the first and third Wednesday of each month from 5 to 7 p.m. These peers are senior students in dietetics who are part of an education program through McKinley.

One portion of the checkup consists of a body composition measurement using a scale. This portion is put on by the fitness peers.

“We usually do the blood pressure and answer any questions people have about nutrition,” said Rachel Eckhoff, nutrition peer and senior in ACES.

Although most people tend to stop by after they have finished a workout, Eckhoff said it is recommended to wait an hour after you exercise to take a blood pressure measurement to ensure accuracy. As the event is held on a regular basis, “people like to come back and see if they’ve improved,” said Margaret Rowan, fitness peer and junior in AHS.

There is also a Nutrition Cafe, which is hosted by Campus Recreation, the first Wednesday of every month as a part of this event.

“(The Nutrition Cafe) is pretty much just promoting the (ARC’s) instructional kitchen and raising awareness that it’s here and also so people can ask nutrition questions,” said Emilie Matthaei, Campus Recreation employee.

The instructional kitchen, located at the ARC, can be rented by student or non-student groups as well as faculty, staff and community members. Different lessons are held, including “Five-Ingredient Meals,” “Desserts to Die For” and “Taste of the Mediterranean.”

Free, nutritious smoothies were offered at the event Wednesday, along with a handout that offered information about the kitchen as well as the recipe for the smoothie.

The next Wellness Zone Checkup will be held Oct. 19 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the ARC.