[email protected] Week 7

h2. National question:

Is tcu making the right move switching conferences from the big east to the big 12?

*Max Tane:* TCU’s making the right move. Regionally it makes sense, geographically. For a fans’ standpoint, it’s kind of the new-look Southwest conference, and I don’t know is SMU, are they back? Are they gonna come back? I thought it was gonna be the death of the Big 12, but now it looks like it’s gonna be the death of the Big East.

h2. Big ten question:

Who is the second-best team in the league?

*Jacob Bleyer:* I wanted to go with Nebraska, but they just looked so bad against Wisconsin. And I have a difficult time believing that Wisconsin is that much better than everybody else in the Big Ten. … But I’m actually gonna go with Michigan.

h2. Illinois question:

What bowl game might the illini go to?

*Spencer Turkin:* (The Outback Bowl) fits perfectly. That’s a 9-3, 8-4 bowl game. And then you can go play a team like Auburn or South Carolina or Florida, and get rocked. And no one’s gonna complain.