OUR PREDICTIONS: Picks for week 7

h2. Ohio State at No. 16 Illinois

*Asofsky: (20-10)*

_Illinois 24, Ohio State 14_

Illini defensive lineman Whitney Mercilus and Michael Buchanan are first and second in the B1G in sacks. Braxton Miller better be ready for a workout.

*Turkin: (21-9)*

_Illinois 27, Ohio State 24_

The Illini will have the Illibuck back in their possession for the first time since they went to the Rose Bowl.

*Souligne: (23-7)*

_Illinois 24, Ohio State 13_

OSU’s defense is still stingy, but Illinois’ defense has been dominant and leads the nation in sacks.

*Voit: (21-9)*

_Illinois 27, Ohio State 24_

Ohio State struggled in its one showdown with a high-level mobile quarterback (Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez). The Illinois defense gets momentum early with a few big defensive plays.

h2. No. 6 Oklahoma State at No. 22 Texas


_Oklahoma State 31, Texas 21_

The Cowboys put up 70 last weekend against Kansas. Stop. Rub your eyes. Yes, you read that correctly.


_Oklahoma State 35, Texas 14_

Oklahoma State is too strong to blow this road game.


_Oklahoma State 28, Texas 21_

It’s hard to recover from the kind of beatdown Texas took last weekend from Oklahoma.


_Oklahoma State 38, Texas 21_

This is just a tune-up; OK State and Oklahoma’s annual Bedlam game in December is going to be the real slugfest. Texas is reeling after being pounding at the hands of the Sooners offense last week.

h2. No. 18 Arizona State at No. 9 Oregon


_Oregon 21, Arizona State 17_

Since the LSU loss, the Ducks have been chomping at the bit since their opening weekend loss to LSU for a chance to prove they belong in conversation for the nation’s best team.


_Oregon 35, Arizona State 30_

ASU has shown they can get the job done at home, but traveling to Autzen Stadiuml and bringing home a “W” is no easy task.


_Arizona State 30, Oregon 27_

Arizona State makes Illinois’ Week Three win look even more impressive by pulling off the big upset.


_Oregon 30, Arizona State 18_

Arizona State is as hot as any team west of Oklahoma, but winning at Autzen is a rarity. The Sun Devils offense stalled on the road at Illinois back in September.

h2. No. 11 Michigan at No. 23 Michigan State


_Michigan State 35, Michigan 17_

Shoelace is not a quarterback. Kirk Cousins is.


_Michigan 24, Michigan State 23_

The Paul Bunyon-Govenor of Michigan Trophy will head back to Ann Arbor.


_Michigan State 20, Michigan 17_

Don’t you just get the feeling Michigan is going to fall back down to earth at any second? Sparty finally makes it happen.


_Michigan State 28, Michigan 26_

Wasn’t this Michigan State defense supposed to suffer without Greg Jones and Eric Gordon? Nine sacks against Ohio State a telling number. Michigan can’t turn on the jets against Michigan State like they did in the second half at Northwestern.

h2. No. 20 Baylor at No. 21 Texas A&M


_Texas A&M 28, Baylor 24_

Rough schedule early for the Aggies, playing Arkansas and Oklahoma State. At 3-2, they need this win.


_Texas A&M 24, Baylor 17_

They got “fish bait” thrown on them at Texas Tech. The Aggies are happy to be back at Kyle Field.


_Baylor 42, Texas A&M 38_

Robert Griffin III. I rest my case.


_Baylor 31, Texas A&M 28_

This game was heated when I was at Baylor in 2008 — when the teams were a combined 7-13 entering it.