SEC: Changes in University admissions, enrollment possible

A report recommending a number of changes to enrollment and admissions policies across the University will be discussed at the Senate Executive Committee meeting Monday afternoon.

Over the past several months, University president Michael Hogan has been working with a pair of outside consultants to address issues regarding enrollment management, said Nicholas Burbules, University Senates Conference representative.

The report recommends several things: create enrollment goals, redesign freshman scholarships to increase competition and create a link between the three campuses to ease the transferring process.

In addition, in order to increase the applicant pool and increase options for applicants, the report recommends that the University pursue membership into the Common Application.

“Joining the (Common Application) does not prevent institutions from using their existing admissions application, especially to serve the needs of transfer applicants or other potential applicants who may not be interested in applying elsewhere,” the report states. “Nor does it require altering admissions criteria on any campus.”

During the initial review of the enrollment procedures, the group found very little coordination among campuses of the same university. However, one positive example noted in the report was that applicants who are not admitted to the Urbana campus’ Engineering program can currently be directed to the Chicago campus’ program.

“There may be other examples, as well, but (any current coordination among programs from campus to campus) appear to be the exception rather than the rule,” according to the report.

Burbules said he thinks that one or two of the committees will want to review the report — one presumably being the Admissions Committee.