Recruiter: volunteerism an option after graduation

“Career fair connects recruiters, students” in “Tuesday’s edition”: of The Daily Illini captured only a small glimpse of the career fair. As a University of Illinois graduate who was recruiting at the fair for a post-graduate service program called MercyWorks, I have some words of advice for seniors.

If I were asked to give my “speech to the graduates,” I would tell them that you can never start too early and that you will never have another moment like this one — just after graduation, but before you start that next long-term commitment in your life, like graduate school, career or family.

It’s a great opportunity to do something really unique, while making a big difference in the lives of others, as well as your own. So I ask that you consider a year of service in the MercyWorks volunteer program at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls in Chicago.

As a MercyWorks volunteer, you make a one year commitment to work full time alongside Mercy Home’s paid staff while growing, spiritually, personally and professionally, and living in community with 13 other recent graduates.

MercyWorks gives you so much support to help you plan your next steps while gaining valuable work experience right now.

The decision to apply to the MercyWorks program after graduation has made all the difference for me. I received so much support to help me figure out my next steps. Now, 10 years later, I am managing the MercyWorks program and helping to shape the lives of the volunteers. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about post-graduate service as a viable option after graduation. You can visit Mercy Home’s web site to learn more about the MercyWorks program, at

_Liz Kuhn, University Graduate_