Urbana City Council to discuss ward map, farmers market plan

Monday’s meeting of the Urbana City Council committee will host further discussion about the Market at the Square’s strategic plan and a proposed ward map.

A resolution to accept the farmers market strategic plan will appear for the first time, though members saw a presentation about the plan at their Aug. 22 meeting. The plan in the resolution is a slightly revised form of that draft, said Rebecca Bird, city planner.

Diane Marlin, Ward 7, said the revisions were only made to clarify language.

“It should be well received,” Marlin said.

City council will also discuss a proposed change to the ward maps. The new map is in response to the 2010 federal census numbers and aims to evenly redistribute the population.

A notice posted to the city website last week invited Urbana citizens to this Monday’s meeting for a public hearing about the proposed ward map.

“I don’t think the ward map is going to be very controversial,” said Eric Jakobsson, Ward 2. “It’s about the smallest change one can make.”

Council members will also revisit a proposed stormwater utility fee. In their Oct. 10 meeting, council members debated whether a flat fee or tiered pricing system should be used. Members tried to find a balance between a fair pricing plan and a plan that would maintain community goodwill.

Funding for the Convention and Visitors Bureau will be discussed again. A resolution proposing an $18,800 budget — down from $72,000 — has been in committee since July. Concerns persist over the bureau’s performance.

A resolution to update the Metropolitan Computer-Aided Dispatch, or METCAD, was sent to council members by Patrick Connolly, Urbana police chief. The changes “create a more effective and efficient method of implementing the intergovernmental agreement” between Champaign, Urbana, Champaign County and the University, according to the resolution.