The do’s and don’ts of Halloween

The perfect college Halloween costume is something both creative and classy. It’s original, but not so original it borders on the obscure. People have to recognize what you are, but more importantly they have to appreciate what you are. This appreciation can come in all forms from head-nods to high fives. Above all, this appreciation is contingent on how one creates a costume that is cool and cute, but also actual clothing that reveals more personality than skin.

So to avoid the generalized assumption that Halloween is the one day of the year when a dress code seems to only ban public nudity, let’s try to do better than the slutty stereotype. If you’re still costume-confused — and now all the more conscious of how your choice will fare on campus — take a look at some candid costume advice below:

h3. Don’ts:

* *Jersey Shore Cast* — I swear if I see one poof this Halloween season I am going to chuck a Snickers bar at it.

* *Lady Gaga* — Am I the only one not goo-goo for Gaga? Though it may be difficult for little monsters to hear, I think this pop star’s gone stale.

* *Vampires* — Twilight be darned. Throwing on a pair of fangs is just plain lazy and hardly original. Of course, if you can pull off a Damon/Stefan Salvatore look from The Vampire Diaries, that’s a different story entirely.

* *Kardashian Klan* — If you’re a trio of girls, stay clear of Kourtney, Khloe and Kim. If your heart’s set on sisterhood go with Marsha, Jan and Cindy (America’s first favorite family).

* *Charlie Sheen* — No amount of winning is going to turn this costume into a success. It’s way too predictable, and frankly I think we have seen enough of the dude to last a lifetime.

h3. Do’s:

* *Black Swan* — If you’re looking to scare this season try out Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winning role. Play it fun with feathers or frightening with strips of skin pulled back from your fingers (gross but effective nonetheless).

* *Harry Potter* — With so many characters to choose from, the Wizarding World is your oyster. Whether you go as Moaning Myrtle or get a group together to do the whole Weasley family, the nostalgia makes for an instant bond among party people.

* *Mad Men* — You can’t go wrong with Don Draper and 60’s glam. The dresses are to swoon for and the suits so distinguished.

* *The Country You’re Studying Abroad in Next Semester* — Whether you dress up as a flag, or wear a map marking X on the spot of your destination, there are a million ways to get creative with this. If you’re going to Spain be a bull fighter, if you’re going to Germany go as a Pretzel — you get the idea.

* *Teen Nick* — With the return of the 90’s classics to television — Keenan and Kel, The Amanda Show, Rugrats, Rocket Power, All That — you can mix up different Teen Nick characters all weekend long. I know if I ran into a Dancing Lobster, my night would be made.

* *Royalty* — If your costume calls for a couple, Will and Kate are sure to turn heads and maybe even elicit a few bows.

_Emily is a junior in LAS._