Student senators wary of water bottle station research costs

For now, the University will not see outdoor water bottle refilling stations.

The Illinois Student Senate, or ISS, voted down a fund request for engineering design work research on the project. David Pileski, sponsor of the resolution and student body president, said that based on feedback, students want these stations.

“Students came to us on Quad Day saying this is something they cared about,” he said.

The hydration stations would be similar to the refill station at the Activities and Recreation Center. Pileski’s proposal did not call for retrofitting existing water fountains, but adding entirely new ones outdoors across the campus.

Of those who opposed the proposal, many felt that budgeting $5,000 for preliminary research was an improper use of funds.

“We have water fountains on campus,” said Jim Maskeri, junior and LAS senator. “It doesn’t take much extra energy to walk into a building (for water).”

Sustainability groups on campus said they may help fund the stations after the engineering research was over. Despite this, some senators still said they thought the overall project would be too costly.

“It’s a lot of money for a study,” said Ramy Cohen, junior and Engineering senator. “The (entire) project is going to be thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars.”