Apartment pass-downs favor Greek life for prime living locations

Freshman year we had our living situation handed to us. The University required living in the dorms, which put off finding a place to live for another year. With tons of apartments and houses on campus, finding the right place can be stressful and complicated. Luckily for some, pass-downs come in handy.

Pass downs are often a Greek oriented process more common in apartment complexes with good locations or a very social atmosphere. Pledge classes usually pass down apartments to younger girls or guys in their house to make it easier for first time apartment hunters.

Whether it be sorority sisters at Green Street Towers or people passing Green Balcs down to their younger friends, pass-downs are found throughout campus at various locations. They hold many benefits, which ease a lot of stress that comes with apartment hunting.

“Some girls in my house have gotten a lucrative apartment that is essentially attainable only through a pass-down,” said Ally Faso, sophomore in LAS. “I know they really appreciate getting that specific complex and apartment because they trust the girls who lived it in beforehand.”

Faso also mentioned that pass-downs make it easier to take measurements and arrangements before moving in. Not only that, but it is more convenient to know where you’re living far in advance, as well as to know what kind of damage has been done to the apartment before you move in.

“Knowing the people that are passing down to you may make them more likely to keep their living space nice rather than trash it,” said Jessy Dentino, junior in Media.

Not all realty companies pass down though. Roland passes down mostly houses west of First Street for fraternities and sororities, rather than 309 on Green.

“309 does not pass down; it is more of a renewal of leases,” said Tim Haas, leasing director at Roland Realty. “Before someone new moves in we make sure (the apartment’s) in good condition and clean the house.”

Though pass-downs are clearly beneficial for the Greeks on campus, they make it harder for non-Greeks to lease an apartment.

Tim Rees, freshman in LAS, believes the pass-down process tends to favor those involved in Greek life and are not very fair to those not in chapters.

“It was hard for me to find an apartment on Green Street since most were leased early or passed down,” Rees said. “If I was in a frat I’m sure I’d have more connections.”