Not all users ‘like’ the Facebook timeline

Facebook, the world’s leading social networking site with a following of over 800 million, has been hit by a wave of criticism from its users over its newest innovation to the site: Timeline.

Timeline, which was first introduced in late September, is meant to be a new way to express oneself and better tell ones story, says Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook. It was initially an optional feature; users had the opportunity to try it out and adjust to it. But Facebook has announced that in a few weeks time, all Facebook layouts will be converted to the Timeline, whether the users like it or not.

“I hate it,” said Dominique Johnson, freshman in LAS, in regards to the new layout. “Like my grandpa always says, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Facebook was fine the way it was, so I don’t see why they have to go changing it.”

Johnson is not alone in his opinion. Many Facebook users have taken the web by storm to express their dissatisfaction of the drastic change to the website. Walking through the library on campus you’d be sure to overhear a remark regarding the Timeline. Facebook posts consist of news feeds complaining about the Timeline as well. So, why is the new look being met with such opposition?

“People like stability, and the thing that was great about Facebook was that it didn’t ever really change that much. Timeline throws everything off for people who are so use(d) to the same thing,” Johnson said.

In regards to Timeline being able to tell a story, Johnson can recognize that there are some positive features. People who want to see what they were doing during a specific year can do so much more easily now. But Johnson still feels the idea of Timeline and its story telling is irrelevant.

But with the criticism, the Timeline also is garnering praise.

Marlon Mueller-Soppart, freshman in Business said, “I think Timeline makes Facebook more individualized.”

A fan of Timeline, Mueller-Soppart has already converted to that layout. Mueller-Soppart feels that Timeline was a wise business decision because in a competitive technological world it’s vital to be constantly evolving.

“Technology firms are very competitive. You have to constantly be changing the formula to find out what’s best,“ Mueller-Soppart said. “Imagine if Facebook stayed the same as when it started? Since it’s constantly changing, doing new things, it’s keeping itself innovative. The world is changing, so it only makes sense for social media to keep changing as well. ”

Facebook was first launched back in 2004 and in recent years has gained its uncontested popularity. Through these past eight years, Facebook developed and evolved its features. Every year saw something new; from the Facebook chat to the introduction of the “Like” button, Facebook was always developing its website.

“People should get used to the idea of change because Facebook will be adding a lot more feature in the coming years to keep up with other social media like Google ,” Mueller-Soppart said. “I like the layout with the big picture and the smaller one but I definitely think the layout can be improved and cleaned up.”

Danielle Sheppard, senior in FAA, is also a supporter of the Timeline.

“I for one like the story idea of it. It’s like a virtual scrapbook,” Sheppard said. “Every time Facebook changes people complain, but it all eventually dies down.”

Facebook, initially a private company, filed for initial public offering (IPO) Feb. 1, which means it will now be selling some of its stock to the public.

Having a rumored top IPO in the world along with over 800 million users and innovative new ideas like creating a search bar and taking on Google, it seems as if the king of social media won’t be dethroned anytime soon. Even its critics can’t seem to stay away.