Quiz: What kind of roommate are you?

*1. How neat are you?*

a) I’m fairly neat and clean at least once a week.

b) The common areas have to be clean, but I only clean my room when my parents visit.

c) Spick and span, everything has to be spotless.

*2. What is your social style?*

a) I only go out on days that end in “y”.

b) I lead a balanced life. I work during the week and let loose on the weekends.

c) I don’t go out.

*3. How do you prefer to study?*

a) I like having options, but I work best in a group.

b) I can study anywhere, and don’t mind a little background noise.

c) I have to be in total isolation, either in my room or in the library, and it has to be quiet and clean, so I can avoid distractions.

*4. How involved are you in paying the bills?*

a) I collect the bills each month, divide them up and write what everyone owes on a dry erase board on our refrigerator.

b) I just know what I owe and when, and I write my check by the date I’m supposed to write it. Someone else figures out that stuff for me.

c) My roommates have to chase me down to get the money out of me.

*5. Your roommate was in a hurry this morning and left her stuff all over the place. What do you do?*

a) Put the stuff in a neat pile for her.

b) Carefully move the stuff if you have to.

c) Walk all over it. It’s her fault she left it there.

*6. The one day you get to sleep in, your roommate is out of bed and is having a very loud conversation on the phone. What do you do?*

a) Nicely remind her how rude she’s being.

b) Turn over in your bed and pretend she never woke you up.

c) Throw a pillow at her.

*7. Everyone in your room agreed to have a night where you all work together to get the room clean. You divide jobs and get to work. But when the cleaning is over, you notice that one of your roommates didn’t do a very good job at all. What do you do?*

a) Point out what she missed and show her the right way to do it.

b) Don’t say anything and clean it up a little when she’s gone.

c) Ignore it and go on with life.

*8. What’s your sleep schedule like?*

a) I’m either an early bird or a night owl—depends if I am out late.

b) I go to sleep when I am tired—sometimes early and sometimes late.

c) I go to sleep at 10 p.m. every night.

*9. How do you describe yourself?*

a) Social butterfly

b) Somewhat social, but I need “alone time” once in a while.

c) Quiet and shy, I prefer my own space.

*10. What’s your philosophy on sharing?*

a) What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.

b) Yeah, you can borrow it, just ask first.

c) Sorry, but I don’t lend things out.

*11. When my roommates bring over company:*

a) They can bring over anyone at any time, even overnight guests, without telling me beforehand.

b) Occasional guests are all right, but I’d prefer knowing about overnight guests ahead of time.

c) I’d like to know at least a week in advance, because privacy is very important to me.

h2. Results:

*Mostly A’s — Social Butterfly*

You thrive on interaction with others, and people love to be around you. You know the balance between working hard and letting loose, which means you are probably surrounded by a wide circle of friends. It’s great to live with you.

*Mostly B’s — Casual Roomie*

You can get along with any other relaxed, laid-back roommate. You want to cohabit in a friendly way but keep your social life separate. You have to set boundaries with your roommates to keep the atmosphere peaceful and friendly. But be careful that you don’t wind up with a very conservative, uptight roommate, or problems may arise within the first two weeks of moving in. You need someone to put up with your “no problem” attitude.

*Mostly C’s — The Quiet Roomie*

You want your space. You hate loud music and prefer to spend every free moment you have by yourself. But if problems arise and you don’t say anything, it can lead to bigger bumps in the road as the semester progresses. Speak up right away to avoid future conflicts.