UI student arrested on charges of domestic battery

A University student was arrested on charges of domestic battery and unlawful restraint at 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

According to the report, officers were called after witnesses reported seeing Zhongtian Zhang, 19, of Urbana, with a gun. Police found two pellet guns and ammunition in his girlfriend’s room, and the weapons have been confiscated.

Lt. Roy Acree said Zhang allegedly prevented his girlfriend from leaving her dorm room and held her down. He also said it is illegal to have a pellet gun, which is slightly larger than a BB gun, in a University dorm room.

Acree said Zhang was arrested again Sunday after he had made bail. The complainant said Zhang had tried to make contact with her again, which was in violation of his bail bond. Zhang was arrested again on charges of violation of his bail bond and intimidation.