When hunting for apartments, broken or nonexistent amenities can be deal breakers

With apartment leasing starting so early in the school year, it doesn’t leave much time to find a place that satisfies every item on the typical apartment hunter’s checklist. However, most apartments fit the bill just enough. Various places include on-site laundry and parking. But if there’s no elevator or the air-conditioning serves as more of a noisemaker than a cooling device, those could be deal breakers.

Most of the time, the answer is yes. No apartment or dorm is going to be perfect, but it’s a place to live. What one place lacks might be made up with something else. The importance that is placed on having certain perks available depends on the person, but each place has their own thing to offer. There’s not much that people can do to change dorms, but sometimes having everything there is good enough in itself.

Nicole Christakes, sophomore in LAS, currently lives at Newman Hall. With a convenient location, great food and spacious living arrangements, she’s happy with where she is right now. Next year, Christakes will be at 608 East Chalmers across the street. She gets to keep the location, but as she says goodbye to her sophomore year, she will also bid farewell to certain amenities she has enjoyed at Newman.

“I’m really excited for next year, but there are a few sacrifices to be made. The kitchen area is tiny, but it’s okay if it isn’t the best,” Christakes said.

She might have a little less room, but most facilities are available right there. In addition, Internet access is offered for a low rate, and she might not even have to worry about that.

“Some people joke that you don’t have to pay for Wi-Fi because you can just pick it up from the Quad or a nearby coffee shop,” Christakes laughed.

Drew Russell, sophomore in AHS, also enjoys a convenient location at 909 South Third. A slight love-hate relationship exists.

“The apartment is in a state that we don’t have to worry about destroying it, but at the same time, it’s a nice place to come home to,” Russell said.

There have been a few rumors about the quality of the air conditioning at Russell’s apartment, but it’s not bad enough to write home about. Russell’s roommate, who has asthma, hasn’t been affected by the air and also enjoys the place.

Apartments offer many chances to create a home-like feel. Dorms can’t be remodeled but can still be great.

Sam Bieber, freshman in LAS, didn’t opt for the well-known college experience of public bathrooms and small rooms. Instead, Bieber lives at Bromley Hall.

“When I came for a visit to U of I, I got to see the six pack dorms and they looked really cramped. I’d hate such small rooms. I chose Bromley for size and a quad to save some money,” Bieber said. “It’s definitely a great choice for me.”

That’s what it comes down to. If it’s a good place, it’s a good choice. Through the ups and downs of apartment hunting and dorm searching, bringing a little bit of yourself to any place is an item off the checklist.