When you find yourself sex-iled from your room

2 a.m. rolls around and the bars are just starting to close. You are relieved to finally make it out of the cold and get a good night’s rest in your own bed; however, once you arrive at the door you realize you have been sex-iled. Yes, sex-iled (v) the act of getting banned from your room due to the fact your roommate has decided to bring a companion home for the night. We have all seen it if not experienced it ourselves: the lowly roommate making the awkward walk to a friend’s futon or in some cases to a more interesting destination.

“My roommate ended up with his girlfriend making a surprise visit, and I had nowhere else to go so I took my pillow and slept in the dorm’s lobby,” said Mike Lapelusa, freshman in LAS.

While it was not exactly an ideal location, it allowed Mike to get a quiet night’s rest and avoid any unwanted sightings.

An occasional sex-ile can be easy to put up with at times, especially from a generous roommate. But it begs the question, when does a random night every now and then become routine? When searching for an apartment or house, roommates are almost always a part of the package. It may not be a thought at the time, but one must consider the likelihood of being sex-iled when choosing a roommate, and at some point, enough is enough. When dealing with a random roommate it may be best to discuss the possibility before they have an unconventional first meeting with your “friend.”

Personally, I feel as long as I am allowed a grace period to come in, change my clothes, and retrieve some necessities for the next day, I am more than happy to allow my roommate some alone time with a male companion when needed. However, for those who find it to be a recurring issue, there are ways in which you can create a happy medium.

“My roommates and I have an understanding, when you need the room—you need the room,” said Doug Rogers, freshman at Parkland College. Understanding each other’s “needs” is a key point when choosing a roommate, especially to avoid an awkward morning after.

Some rules to live by when sex-iling a roommate:

1. Understand boundaries.

2. Do not become a consistent repeat offender (unless your roommate accepts you AND your active sex life).

3. Make sure to knock before opening the door when returning home to avoid any mental scarring.

4. Don’t judge — it could be you scrambling for clothes one morning as your significant other’s roommate laughs at your conveniently placed birthmark.

5. Try the modern day sock on the door and give your roommate a head’s up via text.

Unless you are extremely comfortable with your roommate and are willing to turn your head at night, shut your eyes and put in the headphones — following these simple rules is an easy way to make a living situation work well for any fellow Illini. And if sex-iling is clearly not an option for you or your lifestyle, pick a roommate who is afraid of the opposite sex or sleepovers.

_Christen is a freshman in Media._