Celebrate sales the day after romantic holiday

Valentine’s Day is the one holiday that gets the worst rep of all time.

Every year, I always have at least one single friend who goes on a pre-Valentine’s Day rant about how much the holiday sucks. And, of course, TV has to get in on it too and provide countless Valentine’s Day specials with main characters freaking out about the awfulness of the holiday.

It’s true: Valentine’s Day does have its low moments. It’s a difficult holiday if you’re lonely, since it’s a period of 24 hours when you feel like you have a stamp across your face screaming: “WARNING: SINGLE! NO CHOCOLATES FOR ME!” And even if you’re with someone, Valentine’s Day can get tricky. If you’re with a guy, is it etiquette to give him a gift? And where exactly do you take your girlfriend out, anyway? Is Destihl overdoing it? (No.) Is Potbelly’s underdoing it? (Yes.)

But we need Valentine’s Day. Not for the romance, not for the idea of going out to eat at a fancy restaurant, not even for the value of making fun of a holiday. No, we need Valentine’s Day for something bigger than us, something so wonderful.

The day-after sales.

Think about it. Valentine’s Day, besides being a widely hated holiday, is one of the most commercialized holidays in American society. It pulls in about $18 billion a year, according to the Daily Markets. And if you do Valentine’s Day “right,” (read: giant bear, chocolates, dinner) you’re spending at least $50. It’s no good.

But. When the clock hits midnight on Feb. 15, everything will go on sale. The chocolates will be at least 50 percent off. All the candy hearts will become extra-affordable. And the giant teddy bears, the ones that cost $30 at Walgreens? You bet I’m going to get four of those for $5 a piece tomorrow.

We shouldn’t look at Valentine’s Day as a day of sorrow. In fact, we should grab our loved ones, head over to the nearest store and buy up all the pink-cast merchandise and throw a post-holiday victory party, complete with a $2 bag of chocolates and $5 wine.

Many of you are probably reading this and thinking I’m the worst bitter miser to ever walk the face of Campustown. But honestly, I just think we should see the silver lining in any holiday. Buying candy on sale is just my personal perk. Don’t look at any day as awful just because of your relationship status or your bank account statement. Find the good in it and celebrate it to the fullest.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day, whether you’re buying roses for yourself or eating at Potbelly’s with your significant other. And don’t forget to stock up on giant stuffed bears the next day.

_Tolu is a junior in Media._