RSO hosts annual drag show at FAR

The Urbana South Sexuality and Gender Alliance hosted its third annual drag show at the Florida Avenue Residence Hall from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Friday. The group is a registered student organization comprised of resident advisers from Florida Avenue Residence Hall, Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall and residents of the Urbana South neighborhood.

About 200 people attended the show to watch six professional drag queens perform.

Hani Kuttab, co-organizer of the drag show and senior in LAS, said he and his team worked hard to coordinate finding the performers, DJs and emcee to make the drag show a success.

“Drag is basically like (when) a man can dress as a woman and do a performance or a woman can dress as a man and do a performance,” Kuttab said.

“The whole point of this is to get students exposed to something new and to really get them rethinking what gender means and what the difference between gender and sex is.”

The group has been planning the event since last semester. The show’s free admission helped bring in audience members, said Thaddeus Andracki, resident adviser in Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall and senior in LAS.

“Because of that we are able to bring in audiences who don’t normally come to a drag show … to really introduce them to something they may not have seen before and may not be in their realm of experience,” Andracki said.

Jeffrey Harmon, whose performer name is Midnight Mimi, performed at the show and is a junior in LAS. Harmon said he has always liked dancing and likes watching performances by artists such as Britney Spears and Beyonce.

“You see them dancing, and it’s like ‘I want to do that,’” Harmon said.

“But as a guy, you can’t as easily do that without people looking at you (differently).”

Calexus Carrington, Champaign resident, has been performing drag show for seven years. Carrington said he tries to pick songs with a good dance speed for his performances.

“So I always want to have a good beat, and I usually try to do something current on the radio, just so everybody can relate to it,” Carrington said.

“I feel the music, and I just go out there and do whatever my body wants to do.”

Sara Dobin, junior in LAS, came to watch the performance and said it was her first drag show.

“It’s very entertaining,” Dobin said. “It’s definitely weird; I won’t lie — it’s new. It brings up a lot of questions, too.”