Campus Faculty Association calls for unionization to ward off pressure from Hogan

The Campus Faculty Association is calling for faculty members to unionize in the wake of growing concerns that University President Michael Hogan is attempting to pressure campus chancellors and faculty leaders.

Harriet Murav, president of the independent faculty group, said Tuesday that a unionized faculty might have a bigger voice in the decision-making process, including discussions regarding enrollment management. She added that faculty at other universities, who are unionized and have the power of collective bargaining, have more respect from administrators than what professors currently have here.

“(The union) would be an organization independent from the chain of command,” Murav said. “I think that people on campus have a right to be dismayed at what seems to be an intrusion of faculty governance.”

Campus spokeswoman Robin Kaler could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.

Murav also said the faculty association supported the work of the Urbana-Champaign Senate, who recently passed a statement on ethical leadership. The unanimously passed statement was critical of Hogan trying to pressure faculty leaders to accept his admissions recommendations.

The recent investigation into the anonymous emails scandal found that Hogan was not involved, but faculty members have argued that there must be “accountability for this broader failure of leadership.”