Office of Sustainability sponsors talk on role of humans in nature

The Office of Sustainability is sponsoring a talk about the human place in nature on Thursday at 4 p.m. at 103 Mumford Hall. This is the 3rd session in the 10-week Campus Series on the Scholarship of Sustainability.

This week’s presentation focuses on the relationship between environmentalists and animal lovers in today’s society by showing where the two groups conflict. The talk also focuses on how humans fit into today’s environment and the ethical dilemmas of environmentalism.

According to law professor Eric T. Freyfogle, the subject of the session is not covered in any other program on campus because the subject transcends departments. The breadth of the subject explains why Freyfogle and Robert McKim, professor of philosophy and religion, are able to speak on the subject from the views of two different departments. The diversity of the subject is also demonstrated by the series being co-sponsored by the School of Earth, Society and Environment; the College of Law; and the Student Sustainability Committee.